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January 11, 2010

American Express Membership Rewards Can Be Used to Pay Taxes

Among a number of enhancements to its Member Rewards program, American Express has announced that its cardholders will now have the option to use Membership Rewards points toward federal, state and local income tax payments.

"Cardmembers can use points toward the actual tax payment when filing through Pay1040 ( and Official Payments Corp. (, starting at 200 points. Cardmembers will be able to continue using Membership Rewards points toward applicable convenience and payment fees incurred when filing taxes online."

Elavon's Fusebox Payment Gateway

Elavon, the merchant acquiring subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp has announced the introduction of Fusebox - calling it a "next-generation hosted payment gateway that provides secure multi-point connectivity across a merchant’s enterprise." READ MORE »

Last Call: Glenbrook's Santa Clara Payments Boot Camp - Jan 20-21

Next week, Glenbrook's Carol Coye Benson and Scott Loftesness will be presenting our Payments Boot Camp in Santa Clara, California on Wednesday and Thursday, January 20-21. Enrollment for this session is still available.

The Glenbrook's Payments Boot Camp is a unique, two-day "deep dive" into all aspects of the US payment system. Our new series features an expanded focus on Mobile Payments – and introduces Glenbrook’s Mobile Payments Market Map.

The Future of Payments for Retailers: Innovation, Customer Service

ACI Worldwide has announced the availability of a report by Retail Systems Research (RSR), examining the future of retail payments. The research was sponsored by ACI Worldwide and "highlights the need for retailers to review and upgrade their payment systems, to ensure they can remain innovative and meet changing customer needs." READ MORE »

Headline News - January 11, 2010

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