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RushCard Introduces Card-to-Card Funds Transfer

RushCard has announced the availability of a new card-to-card funds transfer feature that allows RushCard members to "instantly transfer money at a fraction of the cost they'd pay to move money through leading wire transfer services. A RushCard member can now transfer funds to another member's card at a low, flat rate, and they can transfer funds between their own RushCards for free. Transfer fees with other services can be eight to ten times higher to move the same amount of money."

"By giving our members the ability to move funds via a mobile phone and to schedule their money transfers in advance, RushCard has changed the game for funds transfers," said entrepreneur and philanthropist Russell Simmons. Simmons launched RushCard to help people without a traditional banking relationship gain the access to the financial services and respect that they deserve. "No one should be forced to pay higher fees to transfer much-needed money to a loved one or to save. Now, RushCard gives them a very convenient, much more affordable way to make these important transactions."

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Well, it sounds like RushCard remains consistent in charging more money than anyone else for its prepaid card services.
FaceCard and UPside Visa both offer the card-to-card transfer service for free, while RushCard charges $2.95.

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