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mFoundry Launches Complete Three Mode Mobile Banking

mFoundry has announced that its mBanking product has been enhanced to include integrated support for text banking (SMS) and alerts, as well as support for mBanking within the mobile web browser (WAP).

The addition of these two new modes makes mFoundry’s mobile banking product the most complete solution in the market with integrated SMS, WAP, and mobile applications including native support for iPhone and iPod Touch.

mFoundry’s three mode mobile banking solution now enables financial institutions of any size to deploy all mobile modes with the ease of one integrated product. Customers benefit from having comprehensive device coverage ranging from lower-end devices to smartphones. Having deployed more iPhone apps than any other mobile banking vendor, mFoundry also offers customers rich application functionality for iPhone and iPod Touch, which represent a significant percentage of mobile financial services users.

“An integrated, three mode solution for our partners and customers provides the most powerful, comprehensive and cost-effective way to deliver financial services across the mobile channel,” said Drew Sievers, CEO and co-founder of mFoundry. “Over the past year we’ve seen user adoption of our mBanking software exceed an average of 75% sequential monthly growth. With our new three mode solution deploying in May, we expect to see our adoption rates accelerate even more.”

mFoundry’s three mode mobile banking product has already been adopted by key partners and jointly sold to several new customers. Announcements will follow in the next few weeks. The mFoundry platform supports complete mobile banking and mobile payments and serves as an ideal foundation for mobile wallets. Adopted by some of the largest banks and mobile operators in the U.S., the mFoundry platform has become the leading mobility platform for financial services.

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