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May 22, 2009

New CCH White Paper: An Analysis of the Credit Card Act

CCH has issued a new white paper analyzing the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009, known as the Credit CARD Act. Credit Card Reform: An Analysis of the Credit CARD Act, authored by CCH Banking Law Analyst Katalina M. Bianco, JD, examines the Act. CCH is part of Wolters Kluwer Law & Business. READ MORE »

President Obama Signs Dodd's Credit CARD Act

Here's the YouTube video of President Obama signing the just passed Credit Card Act.

The final text of the bill as passed and presented to the President is available online.

Banks and Their Usage of Twitter

Here's a table of major US banks and what we know about their usage of Twitter. The table is sorted in descending amount based on the number of followers who are subscribed to a particular bank's Twitter feed. If you have updates, please post them as a comment below!

"A Once-Glittering Business Loses Its Shine"

That's the subtitle on a pretty pessimistic story titled "Knocked off balance" in this week's Economist about credit cards in America. "These days lenders are in a spin as they struggle to cope with write-offs, a regulatory crackdown and changes in consumer behaviour."

Separately, the Wall St. Journal covers the credit card regulatory changes with two articles today: "U.S. Banks Risk Losing Trump Card" and "Card Firms' Loss Tally: Billions of Dollars in Fees".

A Look at Intuit's New GoPayment Mobile Acceptance Solution

Earlier this year, Intuit "soft launched" its new GoPayment mobile card acceptance solution for merchants. Yesterday, Intuit officially announced the new service - "GoPayment helps small businesses improve sales and cash flow by using their mobile phones to accept credit card payments. GoPayment is affordable and hassle-free. All that’s needed is a mobile phone with access to the mobile Web, or the easy-to-download GoPayment application, and an Intuit GoPayment merchant account." READ MORE »


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