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May 08, 2009

What Do Consumers Pay on Checking and Credit Card Accounts?

Victor Stango and Jonathan Zinman have published a paper titled "What Do Consumers Really Pay on Their Checking and Credit Card Accounts? Explicit, Implicit, and Avoidable Costs" icon_PDF_small.gif. The authors say they're attempting to answer the following questions:

What do people really pay to use their bank and credit card accounts, and which components of cost are the largest? Of all the costs that people pay, which could they easily avoid by making different day-to-day choices? And how stable are both the level of costs and the share of costs that are “avoidable,” for a given person over time?

MoneyGram Partners with NetSpend for Prepaid Card Reloading

MoneyGram and NetSpend have announced an agreement that will enable NetSpend prepaid debit card holders to be able to load value to their cards in a real-time, single-step transaction at any of the 40,000 MoneyGram ExpressPayment agent locations nationwide. According to the two companies, the agreement brings the number of locations that NetSpend customers can reload their prepaid debit cards to approximately 90,000. READ MORE »

Headline News - May 8, 2009

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