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Glenbrook   Book   Education   Views   Archives   Store   Advertise   About         SUBSCRIBE: Launches iPhone Application for Gift Cards has announced the launch of the GiftCards application - calling it "the first iPhone application that empowers customers to select, personalize, and purchase gift cards for friends, families and co-workers directly from their iPhone or iPod Touch without the need to go to an outside website. The GiftCards application, developed for by Trillusion Media, Inc., is available for download today at or the App Store in iTunes."

" is all about the freedom of choice, and delivering superior value and service to our customers, especially during the holiday season," said Gary Krow, Chief Executive Officer of "By making it easier for our customers to access the marketplace, the GiftCards application enhances our customers' online shopping experience and positions us to better serve them in the mobile future." offers a variety of gift cards in categories such as clothing, department stores, electronics, entertainment, health and beauty, home, kids and toys, jewelry, restaurants, shoes & accessories, specialty, sports, and travel. Using the GiftCard application on their mobile devices, customers can browse top brands, including REI(R), Macy's(R), and Gap(R), and purchase and send physical or e-Gift cards with personalized messages using contacts from their address book. The GiftCards application also utilizes the iPhone's GPS capabilities to show the nearest location of a vendor's store.

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I have a friend that has an iphone. Can I buy a gift card that he can use to purchase applications for his iphone?

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