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October 22, 2008

CO-OP Financial Services Selects mFoundry for Mobile Banking

mFoundry has announced that CO-OP Financial Services has selected mFoundry’s financial services platform to deliver mobile banking offerings to credit unions. The service will allow credit union members to verify balances, view transaction history, transfer funds among their accounts, and more using their mobile phones. READ MORE »

An Unrivaled American Lending Machine

Continuing its series titled "The Debt Trap", Brad Stone writes in today's New York Times about how some credit card issuers target potential borrowers - including those who may have just exited bankruptcy - by using personal data provided by a number of information providers. Stone writes that "this marketplace for personal data has been a crucial factor in powering the unrivaled lending machine in the United States. European countries, by contrast, have far stricter laws limiting the sale of personal information."

Myths about the Financial Crisis of 2008

The Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis has published a short working paper titled "Myths about the Financial Crisis of 2008" icon_PDF_small.gif by V.V. Chari, Lawrence Christiano, and Patrick J. Kehoe in which they show that four widely-held beliefs about the financial crisis of 2008 are false.

CSC Study Identifies Emerging Wave of Disruptive Technologies

CSC has announced a new report by CSC's Leading Edge Forum finding that "a wave of disruptive technologies is reshaping industry, triggering new business models and altering consumer and employee behaviors." The report identifies seven "digital disruptions" that CSC says "21st century businesses must understand to position themselves for success in an emerging economy that places value predominantly in the production, enhancement and sharing of information and cultural content." The report is available for downloading online and an accompanying blog on digital disruptions by lead researcher Alex Fuss is also available. READ MORE »

Viewpointe's View on Outsourcing Check Image Archives

Viewpointe has released research on the decision-making processes associated with outsourcing check image archives - including an industry whitepaper titled "In-House or Outsourced Image Archive Services: Plotting Position and Course'' that was developed with the independent research firm Financial Insights. Viewpointe has also released a Customer Experience Profile with BB&T Corporation chronicling the bank's results derived from outsourcing its check image archive to Viewpointe. READ MORE »

A Look at Account to Account Transfers

In an article titled "The Holdup at Online Banks", Karen Blumenthal writes about why "transferring money between a savings account at one bank and a checking account at another easily takes two days -- and sometimes as many as four."

Headline News - October 22, 2008

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