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Sprint Launches MyMoneyManager for Mobile Banking, PayPal

Sprint has announced that its wireless customers with BB&T, Citibank, IBC Bank and PNC Bank accounts can now access their bank accounts and send payments to friends and family using PayPal from most Web-enabled Sprint phones with the launch of Sprint's MyMoneyManager. MyMoneyManager is based on mFoundry’s Mobile Financial Platform.

MyMoneyManager is an easy-to-use downloadable application that enables Sprint customers with BB&T, Citibank, IBC Bank and PNC Bank accounts to conduct banking functions right on their phones, including checking balances, paying bills and finding nearby branches and ATMs. MyMoneyManager also includes PayPal, making Sprint the first carrier to provide customers easy access to their PayPal accounts, allowing them to send money to almost anyone quickly via their Sprint phone.

MyMoneyManager is available at no additional charge to Sprint data subscribers,** including those with the worry-free $99.99 Simply EverythingSM Plan. In the future, Sprint plans to preload MyMoneyManager on phones and include additional banks and other financial service providers.

“With MyMoneyManager, Sprint customers can take advantage of the ultra-fast speed and usability of the Now Network for on-the-go access to their financial accounts that is secure and easy-to-use,” said Len Barlik, vice president of wireless and wireline services for Sprint. “Sprint is about simplicity, usability and real value. MyMoneyManager gives our customers a single mobile application that lets them use their Sprint phones to quickly access multiple financial providers, when and where they want.”

MyMoneyManager uses mFoundry’s mobile financial platform to enable full mobile banking, so customers can securely access account balances, view account transaction history, pay bills, transfer money and search for nearby ATM and branch locations.

Initially, Sprint customers with BB&T, Citibank, IBC Bank and PNC Bank accounts can conduct these banking functions. Texas-based IBC Bank is offering the industry’s first bilingual mobile banking application in both English and Spanish languages.

"Citibank is pleased to be a part of Sprint's MyMoneyManager service," said Peter Knitzer, Chairman and CEO of Citibank North America. "Citibank is committed to providing a superior customer experience, and Sprint's MyMoneyManager gives us the flexibility to tailor our mobile banking applications to meet our customers' needs."

Sprint customers with Citibank checking or savings accounts can access those accounts, along with credit card accounts. MyMoneyManager allows Sprint customers to access their checking, savings and credit card accounts with BB&T, IBC Bank and PNC Bank.

The PayPal Send Money feature on MyMoneyManager enables users to check their PayPal account balance and send money to almost anyone quickly and easily. PayPal is the leader in safe online payments with over 63 million active accounts in 190 markets around the world.

“We are excited to work with Sprint as the first carrier to market and distribute PayPal services on the mobile handset,” said Menekse Gencer, director of business development for PayPal Mobile. “By teaming with Sprint, PayPal allows its customers to quickly send money to their family and friends around the world.”

MyMoneyManager is immediately available on most Web-enabled Sprint phones. To access, Sprint customers should go to for download instructions for participating banks. Customers should then visit their bank’s Web site to register and begin the application download process.

MyMoneyManager is available at no additional charge to Sprint subscribers with a data pack or bundled voice plan that includes data, such as the $99.99 Simply Everything Plan, which offers unlimited domestic calling, messaging, email, Web surfing, GPS navigation, Sprint Music Premier, Sprint TV® Premier, NFL Mobile Live, Sprint NASCAR Cup Mobile, Direct Connect and Group Connect on compatible phones.

Sprint's MyMoneyManager application supports rich security features such as multi-factor authentication and the ability to deactivate the application remotely. In addition, all personal information is wiped from the application after each use.

MyMoneyManager is based on mFoundry’s® Mobile Financial Platform, which enables mobile banking, peer-to-peer payments and brokerage. The platform provides a secure, extensible foundation that will enable Sprint to seamlessly add new components to MyMoneyManager in the future, such as stored value, international remittances, NFC/contactless payments, coupons and other mobile wallet solutions based on applications provided by mFoundry or third-party developers who use the mFoundry toolkit.

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