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Pay by Mobile Phone Parking Now Available in Miami

The Miami Parking Authority has announced it now offers "the Verrus Pay by Phone service" at more than 8,000 regulated street spaces and more than 20 parking lots throughout the City of Miami. When paying by phone, motorists may also select the option to receive a text message reminder a few minutes before their time expires and add more time remotely - no more hurried trips to the vehicle to feed the meter.

"We are happy to introduce this additional payment method to further simplify parking for motorists who live, work, shop and play in the City of Miami," said MPA Chief Executive Officer Art Noriega. "Pay by Phone is part of the continuing evolution of the parking industry. Like Pay and Display, introduced in Miami a couple of years ago, we expect Pay by Phone to continue to reduce the number of parking citations we issue. When there's no need to search for coins or currency to feed the meter, most people tend to pay what they owe."

To use the service, motorists must first register their mobile phone number, tag number and Visa/MasterCard number with the Verrus service by calling toll-free, 866-990-PARK (7275) or visiting .

Once signed up with a free pay by phone account, users simply call the toll-free number from the registered phone and key in the location number (posted on the meter or on nearby signs) and the amount of parking time desired. The appropriate total, plus a 35-cent service charge (including the text message reminder cost), will be charged to the credit card. A transaction history is then viewable any time the user logs into his or her account at .

Miami's pay by phone service is provided by Vancouver-based Verrus Mobile Technologies, Inc., a leader and innovator in the mobile payment technology sector. Verrus pioneered pay by phone services in North America with the first parking installation back in 2001. Since then, Pay by Verrus has established a record of innovation and reliability and has been widely adopted in the parking industry, processing millions of parking transactions by mobile phone each year.

"We are very excited to launch our mobile payment service with the Miami Parking Authority," said Verrus Co-Founder and Executive Vice President David Spittel. "Although we operate throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe, Miami is the first major U.S. city to deploy across all locations citywide, and has all the key ingredients required to create a major success."

To learn more about Pay by Phone service from Miami Parking Authority and Verrus, including customer quotes, past media coverage, and more, visit . Further details are also available on the Verrus discount promotion running throughout June: for the entire month, Miami motorists receive their first hour of parking free every time they park and pay by phone. (Maximum one free parking hour per day and ten free hours for the month.)

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