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Citi Introduces Extra Cash - New Rewards Program

Citi has announced it is offering its cardholders "an exciting, new benefit on participating credit cards called Extra Cash from Citi that allows customers to earn discounts on some of the biggest and most popular names in travel, entertainment and merchandise -- just for using their card."

Customers earn Extra Cash based on 10% of the eligible purchases made with their participating credit card. Extra Cash translates into savings of up to 40% on merchandise (many items also include free shipping) at the Extra Cash website: or

Citi Cards offering the free Extra Cash from Citi benefit include Platinum Select, Diamond Preferred and AT&T Universal Platinum cards.

With Extra Cash from Citi, cardmembers don't have to work extra to get extra benefits. Cardmembers with eligible cards are automatically enrolled. There are no applications to fill out, no fee and no change to their APR. All they do is use their Citi Card as they normally do. It's that simple.

Extra Cash savings add up quickly. Every time cardmembers use their Citi Card, they earn Extra Cash based on 10% of their eligible purchase. There's no waiting to build up big balances to get savings. Plus, every customer will receive 100 bonus dollars in Extra Cash upon enrollment to help them start saving right away.

Here's how it works. If you spend $100 on your eligible Citi card, you earn 10 dollars in Extra Cash to use toward savings on a wide range of items at Extra Cash from Citi's online mall. You can use your Extra Cash toward valuable savings on brand names like Macy's, InterContinental Hotels, Tumi, The Gap and many more.

At Citi, we're committed to providing new ways to increase value for our customers so they can get more from their card," said Raja Rajamannar, executive vice president, Citi Cards. "Extra Cash from Citi is our latest initiative that delivers on customer appreciation and demonstrates our ongoing commitment to continually offering unique benefits for our Citi cardmembers."

To apply for a Citi Card with Extra Cash from Citi, consumers can call 1-888-CitiCards or visit

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I have not been able to view the xtra cash catalog - all I find are card offers.

I have not found any thing that tells where the extra can be spend or how it is spent or credited to your acccount. All I found was ads for credit cards offers.

How do you spend your extra cash earned????

I have the same problems - I cannot find a catalog or find out my balance, but only find the monthly transfer of "extra cash."

I also have the problem of not being able to find out my balance, how to find out what it can be used against . . or redeemed. Please advise!!!

One more confused card holder . . HOW do you spend all this extra cash and how do you determine your accumulated balance?

I have all the questions by others listed above How do we find out anything?

What are the answers to the users questions
listed herein?

What is the response to the 'previous comments'?

How do I get a total balance of my extra cash and were can I actually spend it?

I just got my Citi Extra Cash statement, try going here:

I was at first excited at all the things, gift cards, etc., I thought I could buy with my Extra Cash account, but read the fine print and you can only use the account to pay for a small portion of the item you want. For example, to buy a $100 gift card, you are allowed to use $10 of your Extra Cash account, and you have to fork over the remaining $90 out of your credit card account! Not the deal I was hoping for....

How can I get my extra cash that my statement says I have. Is this a scam?

How do I redeem my extra cash earned???

I purchased entertainment dining guide from extra cash
but cannot get into it to see what's available.
How do I get in without being frustrated? I've been
trying for about 45 minutes.

The extra cash is there, but the whole thing is more like a coupon book than any sort of reward. You get a discount on things like gift cards, gift items, etc., but you have to pay for the rest out of pocket, even if you have more than enough "extra cash" to cover the whole purchase. The discounts aren't even that impressive, for the most part. I'd much rather earn 1% back or have some portion of my Extra Cash apply to my credit card balance. Not worth enrolling, in my opinion.

to whom,
if your're going to offer cash baack rewards, you had better make it easier to see your account and your totals. happy people tell ten friends-- unhappy people tell one hundred friends. get my drift.

Just another scam. Makes me want to cut up my card. Guess I will

Hello everyone!
This is the worst promotion ever! I just want to cancel this card just for this scam of a promotion! The "Citibank" Bank is not open enough hours, this card has no customer service. The interest rate on this card is the highest! The only reason I still have it is because it was my very first card! Not good for my credit score. I hope the executive of Citibank sees our comments. This is outrageous that we are victimized! Had I known this was a fraud ..I would have used my AMEX so I could have earned some miles instead of this lousy card which I taught would give me cash back. We should all report Citibank to the Better Business Bureau!

I charged over 10K $ on my wife and I's card last year and won't have found any real value in using he extra cash promotion. I agree with many of the previous frustrated card users who think it's "Much
Ado About Nothing." Will look into the Discover card program, which some of my friends are happy with

The time I've spent trying to unsuccessfully find the catalogue and conversations with the extra cash reps and AT&T reps confirms this is a disorganized program. After 20/30 years of using this card I shall be looking for another card. I agree with the others, it feels like something is not right.

I have to agree with the others, $10 off $100 is not a deal if you still have to pay $90.00. Just another way to keep you charging and charging. Forget about great values.

Thanks to all of the above for their stories...I have just taken the time to investigate this "Extra Cash" program and already encountered much frustration. And I have learned that it is not worth the effort, thanks to the above stories.......

The Extra Cash program is actually owned by a third party company called Destination Rewards Inc. Everyone take a cut of your credit. Citi (AT&T Universal Card it's owned by Citi) makes you spend more money, Destination Rewards offers this overrated products and services. The make you think you are getting a discount but actually you are not getting nothing. You are only making them richer.

Wow, I was feeling so alone there for a moment. Good to see others agree that this is a rip! Very misleading name, and it you have to spend 900 percent of any rewards you have in order to redeem them. Ha, I have $4000 extra Cash wow if I wanted to redeem it I only have to fork out $36,000.00 from my own pocket! What a joke, it would have made me feel like they respected me more if they just didn't have a rewards program!

This is a shameless marketing trick. You will end up losing money if you participate in this program. It looks good on paper, but like so many marketing ploys in this country, it is totally unregulated sham. When are our politicians going to stop this sort of thing? In England and most European countries this sort of marketing is illegal.

go to (you should be able to find a link from the citicards website) and set up an account with them. Once you are signed in to their website, you will be able to browse through many offers shown with discounts applied.

it's a scam. extra cash is applied as a discount to overpriced junk on their website. you will get a better deal shopping on

citibank should be ashamed of themselves!!

This is a total scam! Do get this card (In fact, do not get any citi card. I have a card with their Thank You network rewards program, and it is horrible and misleading too.) These guys are crooks. John's comment about needing to spend $36,000 of his own money to redeem his "extra cash" is true. Citi, you lost me as a customer for life along with every single person I know. I though it was a great card and going to reccomend to everybody I know until I saw that I had to spend my own money to redeem my "rewards". Banks don't get it; they should just have one easy system that does not fool customers. They need to understand screwing one customer does not jeopardize just that one individual's revenue because that person's message will get to at least 1,000 other people with the internet and blogs. Maybe when they go under for good they will finally get the message

This program is not very can be seen by all the previous comments. Spend money to save money...where is the reward in that. With the American Express rewards program only points are used and NO money is that's a deal!!

I agree with all the above comments. Why can't you post the
"extra cash" to my account, monthly, like MasterCard does? Linda

Just called card company to find out about using the
"extra cash". Was referred to website but I found only categories to choose from like I was
told on the phone. Considering cancelling card after
many years of having it.

I don't understand what the problem is. You go to the extracash site, which is listed on the statement. You have to sign up to get into the site and see all the categories. Sure, the extracash rewards are not worth the time spent looking at the site, but I got 18 months with 0% interest on purchases... So I like my card, for a year and a half. If you want good rewards, look up "rewards credit cards" on Google first and do a little research.

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