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Shell's Gasoline Card Loyalty Program

In a press release this morning, Shell said 'don't be surprised if you see drivers smiling as they fill up at Shell-branded gasoline stations this summer. They'll likely be taking advantage of an "Earn 25 Cents per Gallon" second quarter promotion designed to reward new Shell Gasoline Card consumer account holders for their gasoline purchases.'

Between April 1 and June 30, customers who open a new Shell Gasoline Card account with Shell Oil Products US (Shell) will be eligible to earn 25 cents per gallon rebate on the purchase of their first 100 gallons of Shell gasoline. New account holders must use their Shell Gasoline Card to purchase the fuel and will have 90 days from the account open date to reach the 100-gallon mark. Once cardholders have purchased 100 gallons, they will automatically receive a $25 Shell gift card by mail that can be used for items including gasoline, car washes, repair service or food and drinks.

"The 'Earn 25 Cents Per Gallon' promotion is a great way to create loyal customers who recognize that not all gasolines are the same and want to ensure they're getting a great value for high-quality gasoline," said Carolyn Yapp, Shell US card and payments manager. "Our new promotion is designed to help people get in the habit of stopping at one of the 14,000-plus Shell-branded stations across the US for their fuel."

With the goal of booking more than 26,000 new consumer credit card accounts, the promotion will benefit Shell-branded wholesale, direct retail, and multi-site operators by driving more site traffic and increasing the use of Shell-branded credit cards. Shell credit card users are especially attractive customers for retailers because they do not pay merchant service fees on Shell-branded card transactions. Additionally, internal Shell research shows that Shell cardholders purchase twice as much or more gasoline compared to regular bankcard customers.

The promotion will be supported with national radio, newspaper, and internet advertising, as well as Point-of-Purchase (POP) materials, including pump toppers, pole signs, building signs, and register toppers. In addition to the credit card promotion, Shell retail sites will continue to feature messaging reinforcing the Shell "Passionate Experts" campaign.

Additionally, the promotional applications for the Shell Gasoline Card will be housed in a new holder that has been proven to result in a 30% increase of completed applications per pilot feedback results. The new holder, an attractive translucent plexiglass, was developed to complement the Shell retail visual image and clean pump design lines. It is positioned at the same level as the pump nozzle and will ensure the applications remain intact during inclement weather.

Consumers can apply for the Shell Card at Shell retailers nationwide via the Web site at or via phone at (888) 98-SHELL (987-4355).

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