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March 12, 2008

ACI Worldwide Investor Day Presentation

ACI Worldwide held an investor day in New York City earlier this week. The presentation slides icon_PDF_small.gif are available online (note that it's an 18+ MB file and may take a bit of time for you to download!)

Contactless Payments Security

The Smart Card Alliance has published an FAQ on contactless payment security that applies "only to contactless payment using contactless smart card technology, as implemented by American Express, MasterCard and Visa." A PDF version is also available.

A Look at Person-to-Person Lending

In an article titled 'Where Either a Borrower or a Lender Can Be', Jane J. Kim writes for the Wall St. Journal about person-to-person lending networks (like, Lending and and how small business owners are increasingly turning to those networks as access to bank credit has become more difficult.

Update: Jim Bruene gets this one right over on his NetBanker blog - it's actually about person-to-business lending!

Mobile Banking: This Time for Real?

The new issue of BAI's Banking Strategies includes an article by Kenneth Cline titled "Mobile Banking: This Time for Real?" based on a roundtable of experts from banks, wireless carriers, and solutions providers.

Consumers Increasingly Embrace Mobile Phone Commerce

A new Harris Interactive study finds that "mobile phone users are increasingly comfortable making banking and purchase transactions while on-the-go – a virtual taboo until now. The survey finds 16 percent of mobile phone subscribers already use mobile banking services, with 60 percent of these people using the services at least once a week. Many others presently not banking and buying on-the-go expressed interest in mobile banking, with 35 percent open to checking bank account balances and transferring funds via their mobile devices. A third of those surveyed (33 percent) also said they would like to receive text message alerts from their financial institutions." The survey also found that the biggest barrier affecting consumer acceptance of mobile banking and commerce is security concerns over personal data.


Jack Henry Announces 54th Mobile Banking Customer

Jack Henry & Associates has announced that goDough, its mobile banking solution, has been adopted by 54 of its core banking clients. goDough is a browser-based solution developed internally by Jack Henry & Associates and introduced in November 2007. [Editor's Note: Last September, Glenbrook's Russ Jones posted a 10-Step Cookbook for Glenbrook's Mobile Banking Strategy recommending that bankers get to work enabling a browser-based mobile banking solution.]


Union Bank Chooses MasterCard PayPass for Debit Cards

Union Bank of California has announced it will be providing its banking customers with MasterCard PayPass contactless payment technology on their debit cards. To be issued over the next several months, nearly one million Union Bank debit cardholders eventually receive new contactless debit cards.


APACS Reports Card Fraud Statistics for 2007

In the UK, APACS has reported 2007 statistics for both card fraud losses and online banking fraud losses. Card fraud losses were up by 25% with the increase being driven by a £90.5 million increased in fraud abroad as more UK card details were stolen for use in countries yet to upgrade to chip and PIN. Online banking fraud losses went down 33% to £22.6 million.



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