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Barclays Launches BJ's Wholesale Club Visa Card

BJ's Wholesale Club has announced that it has partnered with Barclays to launch the BJ's Visa Card. The two companies say the "new credit card offers cardholders a faster, more consumer-friendly way to earn BJ's Bucks, and introduces a number of new, convenient card features that provide additional value to qualified BJ's Members." The card includes Visa's payWave contactless technology.

"Members shop at BJ's Wholesale Clubs for the quality products, selection, convenience and overall value that a BJ's Membership brings to their lives, and we wanted to deliver that same brand experience with our BJ's Visa Card," said Ed Gillooly, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, BJ's Wholesale Club, Inc. "We are always looking for ways to provide additional value to our Members and we feel that the BJ's Visa Card provides exceptional benefits."

"We worked closely with BJ's to develop a card program for its Members that would deliver greater value and convenience, including faster rewards accumulation, integrating the membership card with the credit card, and the addition of Visa's payWave contactless payments," said Chuck Moore, Chief Marketing Officer, Barclays U.S. credit card business. "By making the BJ's Visa Card a more rewarding and versatile card for consumers, we're helping the company build a stronger, more loyal member base while helping consumers save even more money at BJ's."

"The BJ's partnership is a testament to Barclays ability to provide more customized and flexible offerings, greater loyalty opportunities, new technologies and unparalleled customer service to the nation's best known brands," said Lloyd M. Wirshba, CEO of Barclays U.S. credit card business. "As one of the most innovative credit card issuers in the world, Barclays can leverage the knowledge, expertise and proven marketing strategies of our global card operations to help our partners achieve maximum results from their co-branded credit card offerings."

"We believe the new BJ's Visa Card will help to address consumer desire to get more from every purchase through enhanced rewards, while offering a fast, convenient purchase process with Visa payWave," said Jim McCarthy, Senior Vice President, Consumer Credit Products, Visa USA. "Working in partnership with Barclays and BJ's, we can deliver BJ's Members with a compelling purchase choice over cash and checks."

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