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ViVOtech, mFoundry Partner For Mobile Payment, Banking Solution

ViVOtech and mFoundry have announced they will be working together to "provide mobile financial services to wireless customers. mFoundry’s and ViVOtech’s technologies, when combined, give consumers a simple new way to use their mobile phone for contactless payments, banking and commerce."

ViVOtech’s products are actively deployed by some of the world’s largest retailers, banks, and wireless operators and mFoundry’s Spotlight Financial Platform is used by some of nation’s largest banks and wireless operators. Spotlight is a mobile financial platform available that serves the needs of both operators and financial institutions, and has been designed to immediately accommodate nearly any type of financial transaction. ViVOtech’s innovative solutions include over-the-air (OTA) provisioning infrastructure software for cards and promotions, Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile phone payment, and transaction management software. This joint solution provides wireless carriers a single integrated capability for mobile banking and commerce initiatives and contactless payments.

“Our platform has consistently set the standard in customer usability, performance and security for contactless, NFC mobile phone payments and OTA provisioning of cards and promotions.” said Michael Mullagh, CEO of ViVOtech. “Through this collaboration, we provide a single mobile phone application for payments, promotions, and financial services functions that make a lot of sense to a rapidly growing consumer base. We are offering operators and financial institutions a simple, powerful and equitable way to leverage the increasing mobility of today’s lifestyle.”

“While mobile banking is building the foundation for trust between a consumer and their mobile device, NFC phone payment is an attractive and inevitable way to truly elevate the benefits of mobile financial services,” said Drew Sievers, mFoundry’s CEO and co-founder. “As the clear leader in all things contactless and NFC, ViVOtech is a key partner for mFoundry.”

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