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mFoundry Expanding Mobile Financial Services Platform to Support iPhone

mFoundry has announced the expansion of its Spotlight Financial Platform to enable mobile banking applications on the iPhone.

“We are looking forward to the release of the iPhone and realize users will embrace a wide variety of applications including mobile banking and payments,” said Drew Sievers, co-founder and CEO of mFoundry. “In today’s banking environment, it is critical to offer innovative solutions that further enhance and enrich the overall customer experience. We are helping banks accomplish this by offering a flexible platform that supports multiple carriers and devices, including the iPhone. The unique and flexible design of our Spotlight Financial Platform ensures customers have the same consistent experience no matter what type of device they use.”

In anticipation of the iPhone release, mFoundry began developing an iPhone runtime environment to complement its other runtimes. The Spotlight platform is a “write-once” cross platform solution so only one code base is necessary to support Java, BREW, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and now iPhones. Spotlight currently supports hundreds of devices.

“We are pleased to be expanding our device coverage to include the iPhone,” Sievers continued. “No other mobile banking platform currently supports the amount of devices, distribution options, usability and customization features that our Spotlight platform supports.”

The Spotlight Platform is designed to serve the needs of financial institutions, wireless operators and their customers. Financial institutions using the Spotlight Platform can create well-branded, unique mobile applications that run seamlessly and independently within the mobile operator ecosystem. Mobile subscribers accessing the operator’s Spotlight application receive a simple way to view the details of their various financial relationships. Additionally, Spotlight is the only mobile financial platform available that serves the needs of both operators and financial institutions, and has been designed to immediately accommodate nearly any type of financial services content, including support for banking, brokerage, credit, stored-value, coupons and payment solutions.

mFoundry plans to support the iPhone by early 2008.

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