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June 22, 2007

Who Subscribes to Payments News?

We periodically take a look at who's subscribing to the email distribution of Payments News. It's always interesting to see which companies are "tuning in" to our service.

So, if you're curious, here's our current top 10 list of subscribing companies: American Express, PayPal, MasterCard, Capital One, Chase Paymentech, First Data Corp., Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Discover, and Intuit.

This is hardly scientific - as many of our readers use the Payments News RSS feed to view our headlines in their RSS reader (rather than requesting a daily email subscription) and many more opt to just bookmark (or make PN their home page!) and visit us first thing in the morning and throughout the day using their web browser.

Blackberry and Treo users can also view a mobile edition of Payments News whenever they want by bookmarking our Payments News "River of News" newsfeed.

Hope you have a great weekend!

ViVOtech, mFoundry Partner For Mobile Payment, Banking Solution

ViVOtech and mFoundry have announced they will be working together to "provide mobile financial services to wireless customers. mFoundry’s and ViVOtech’s technologies, when combined, give consumers a simple new way to use their mobile phone for contactless payments, banking and commerce."


Visa Inc. Files S-4 Registration Statement

Visa Inc. has filed its initial Visa Inc. S-4 Registration Statement with the SEC related to the series of transactions for the planned combination of Visa Canada, Visa International and Visa USA into a single private stock company, Visa Inc. Visa Europe will remain a membership association and will become a licensee of, and own a minority interest in, Visa Inc. A number of supporting documents and exhibits were also included.

In it's press release announcing the filing, Visa said that "once the SEC has completed its review and declared the registration statement effective, Visa will undertake a global process to secure member approval of the restructuring."

Swiping Your Credit Card Is So Yesterday

Robert L. Mitchell writes for Computerworld about contactless payments - saying "there's just one problem: Only a tiny percentage of consumers have contactless cards today, and most retailers remain on the sidelines." He goes on: "what ultimately may drive acceptance of contactless technology with users, and ultimately merchants, is its integration with mobile phones."

Pay By Touch Biometric Check Cashing Service

West Texas National Bank has announced that it has adopted Pay By Touch's biometric check cashing service. Paycheck Secure powered by Pay By Touch lets consumers use a finger scan to quickly and securely identify themselves to cash a government or payroll check.



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