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December 03, 2005

Citi Offering Free XM Radio with Citi Home Rebate Card

XMCiti has begun promoting a free XM Radio and 6 percent rebates on select purchases with its new Citi Home Rebate Card.


The Online Gift Card Marketplace

Yian Mui writes for the Washington Post on the online marketplaces that are developing to handle trading of unwanted gift cards.


UK: Debit Cards No. 1 For Christmas Spending

Sam Dunn reports for the Belfast Telegraph on debit card spending in the UK that is expected to outpace that of cash this holiday season.

Debit card payment volume in the UK is expected to grow 20 percent over last year while credit card payment volume is actually forecast to decline by 3.5 percent.


Prepaid Travel Cards: Convenience On The Road May Come With Fat Fees

Carol Pucci writes for the Knight Ridder news service about prepaid travel cards - and some of the fees that go along with them.


December 02, 2005

Europe's ING Direct Bucks US Tradition

John Engen writes for Bank Technology News on ING Direct's growth strategies in the US market. READ MORE »

PayPal for Lunch

Coinbridge's Ryan Donahue writes about his PayPal lunch experiences - and points to a Digital Transactions article posted this morning about PayPal handling employee cafeteria payments for PayPal, Cisco, and Palm.


Pay By Touch Completes Acquisition of Capture Resource

Pay By Touch has announced it has acquired Capture Resource, a supplier of integrated reward programs and business process outsourcing solutions.


MasterCard IPO Awaited

MasterCard Logo.jpgJoe Bel Bruno reports for the Associated Press on the MasterCard initial public offering expected early next year.


Biometric Company IDesia Closes Series A Financing

IDesiaIDesia, an Israeli-based biometrics technology company, has announced the closing of its Series A financing led by Partech International.


December 01, 2005

2005 - A Payments Year in Review - April Highlights

Payments News - April 2005 HighlightsWe're taking a look back at the major payments-related news stories for 2005. We've examined our archives month by month and have culled the the most important and interesting highlights. We'll be posting each month's highlights over the next few days. Here are the Payments News highlights from April 2005.


ATM Fees At An All-Time High has announced the results of its Fall 2005 Checking Study showing that the fees charged for using the "wrong" ATM have reached an all-time record high. estimates that American consumers will pay more than $4.3 billion in withdrawal fees during 2005 for using someone else's ATMs. READ MORE »

Banks Seek Better Online Authentication Tools

Riva Richmond reports for the Wall St. Journal on the use by banks of new user authentication tools to thwart online identity theft and regulators' concerns.


American Express To Introduce "The Knot" and "The Nest"

NYTH121.jpgRobin Sidel reports for the Wall St. Journal on two new credit cards to be announced today by American Express that focus on "courting engaged couples and newlyweds."

Update: Here's the American Express press release announcing these new credit cards.

First Data Discloses New Fote, Duques Agreements

First Data Corp. has disclosed in an SEC 8-K filing some of the details of a Retirement and Consulting Agreement entered into with former CEO Charles T. Fote as well as a letter agreement with newly appointed CEO Henry C. Duques.


EU: Focus On Single Europe-Wide Payments Area

The European Commission has put forward proposals that will bring down existing legal barriers to enable the creation of a "Single Payments Area" in the EU that could save the EU economy €50-100 billion per year.


November 30, 2005

FeliCa Developer Akira Iga Wins at Innovator Awards

Yuri Kageyama reports for the AP on Akira Iga, a Sony executive responsible for the FeliCa technology used for mobile payments.


Mercator Examines Virtual Point of Sale Markets

Mercator Advisory Group has announced the second report in a two-part series examining the current state of the vPOS market and the potential for growth in the point of sale space.


American Express, WellChoice Announce Agreement to Offer New Healthcare Payment Solution

American Express and WellChoice, the parent company of Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield, have announced an agreement to offer a new healthcare payment solution that includes the Empire Total Blue consumer-directed health plan, a Health Savings Account (HSA) from American Express Bank, FSB, and the new American Express HealthPay Plus(SM) Card that provides easy access to the HSA funds.


Mobile and Internet Shopping to Replace One-Third of Retail and Catalogue Purchases This Christmas

MotricityMotricity has announced the results of a recent survey in conjunction with Greenfield Online that illustrates the shift of shopping from traditional retail and catalogue to purchasing goods online and through mobile devices.


Canada: Whatever Happened To Interac Online, Anyway?

Interac OnlineD.L. McCracken reports for on the surprising lack of interest among Canadian online merchants in supporting the Interac Online debit payment service.

According to McCracken, "apparently most online merchants have decided that adding a debit payment option is just not high on their list of priorities." The service announced that its first transaction was processed in June.


First Data Discloses Duques Stock Options

In a pair of SEC filings yesterday, First Data Corp. disclosed the current and new option grants held by incoming (and returning) CEO Henry C. "Ric" Duques.  On Monday, FDC announced that Duques was replacing retiring Chairman and CEO Charles Fote.


MasterCard IPO: When The Bill Comes Due

Business Week looks at MasterCard's upcoming initial public offering and some of the legal challenges currently facing the association.



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