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eBay Limits Seller Payment Choices

AuctionBytes' Ina Steiner reports on a new eBay policy that limits seller payment choices - citing safety concerns about some payment methods.  The new eBay Safe Payments Policy also bans new online payment methods from being accepted - unless approved by eBay - and establishes certain criteria that any new online payment method must meet to be approved for use on eBay.

From time to time, as new payment services arise, eBay will evaluate them to determine whether they may present trust and safety concerns and are appropriate for the marketplace. eBay will consider the following factors, among others, in making its determination:

  • Whether the payment model offers substantial financial, privacy and anti-fraud protection for buyers and sellers
  • Whether the payment model raises the potential for confusion among eBay users, or involves incentives that may present fraud concerns
  • Whether the payment model involves precious metals, or other non-cash (points, miles, minutes, coupons, discounts) as consideration
  • Whether the payment service has a substantial historical track record of providing safe and reliable financial and/or banking related services (new services without such a track record generally cannot be promoted on eBay)
  • The identity, background and other business interests of the payment service sponsor
  • The license/regulatory status of the payment provider in the countries where it provides payment services

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Don't you just love the smell of impending restraint of trade lawsuits in the morning? :-)

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