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February 20, 2004

Money - Round and Round It Goes

Doreen Carvajal reports in the International Herald Tribune on the world of international money transfer.
Meanwhile, the immigrants themselves have transformed the post office in Saint-Denis into one of the busiest branches in France. But its chief business is no longer handling mail, according to Lionel Maestroni, the branch's postal manager. Behind the counters, he said, workers spend more time on financial transactions: dispensing money and making transfers.

Debit Card Strategies

Hugh Gallagher from Edgar, Dunn & Company shares his perspectives on issuer debit card strategies.

Among the interesting findings:

"...the typical issuer loses money on an average debit transaction – even without accounting for the recent declines in debit interchange brought about by regulators and merchants."

Western Union Enables Cash Payment for AeroMexico

In a further expansion of its cash acceptance payment solutions, Western Union today announced a deal with AeroMexico.

MasterCard Advisors Acquires Tower Group

MasterCard Advisors, a subsidiary of MasterCard International, has announced the acquisition of Tower Group from Reuters. READ MORE »

FDA Embraces RFID in Anti-Counterfeiting Effort

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a new report examining issues around counterfeiting of prescription drugs. Among other findings, the FDA has laid out a timeline leading to the adoption of RFID-tagging of packaging of prescription drugs between now and 2007.

NYCE Launches Account-to-Account Money Transfer Service

NYCE has announced a new account-to-account money transfer service. The American Eagle Federal Credit Union is the first to allow customers to use the new service from its ATM's. AEFCU plans to launch use from its online banking site later this year. READ MORE »

February 19, 2004

Octopus Has Legs

Evan Ramstad reports in the Wall St. Journal on the success the Hong Kong Octopus e-money card has had. READ MORE »

Star Launches Direct Check Debit, Verification Service

Star Systems has announced the launch of STAR CHEK Direct, a direct check debit and verification service. READ MORE »

SK Telecom to Use Gemplus USIM Card

Gemplus has announced that it has been selected by Korea's SK Telecom to supply USIM card technology as part of its 3G W-CDMA network rollout. READ MORE »

February 18, 2004

Identity Theft Victims Face Tough Fight

MSNBC technology correspondent Bob Sullivan reports on one example of identity theft -- and the implications it had for the victim. READ MORE »

EDS Holds Analysts' Meeting

EDS held an analysts' meeting yesterday in New York. Audio files of the presentations along with PDF files of the presentation slides are available for downloading online.

Netflix Accepting Electronic Checks

Netflix is now accepting electronic checks for monthly subscription payment -- in addition to credit and debit cards.

Debit Cards

ABC consumer reporter Mellody Hobson takes a pretty comprehensive look at debit cards from a consumer's point of view.

French EMV Cards

Gemplus has announced that it has begun deploying the first EMV-based cards in France on behalf of Societe Generale. READ MORE »

Telephone Phishing

The Sydney Morning Herald reports on a telephone based phishing attack in which fraudsters are attempting to talk cardholders into revealing the security codes from the back of their credit cards.

February 17, 2004

Time for Micropayments?

Gwenn Bézard, Senior Analyst at Celent Communications, reports in Bank Systems & Technology on the flurry of recent micropayment activity.

Washington Mutual's Retail Strategy

Washington Mutual announced plans today to launch 250 new "stores" in 2004. READ MORE »

Beyond Phishing, Corporate Spoofing

Jeremy Wagstaff blogs from Indonesia about an increase in corporate spoofing attacks where fraudsters attempt to gain valuable corporate information. More on this from MailFrontier.

Central Banks Combat Counterfeiting with Software

Kevin Cox reports in Canada's Globe and Mail on efforts by central banks to combat counterfeiting through software. READ MORE »

Sony Introduces Puppy Fingerprint Identification Token

Sony has introduced Puppy, a USB-based fingerprint identity token scheduled for availability later this spring.

Phishing Attacks Accelerate

Tumbleweed and the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) have released the latest statistics on the growth in phishing attacks. A full report (PDF) is also available for downloading. READ MORE »

BitPass Launches Digital Music Site

Micropayment provider BitPass has announced the beta launch of Mperia, a new online music store for independent musicians. READ MORE »

First Data Introduces DataSIGN Products

First Data Corp. has announced the availability of its DataSIGN products, intended to allow enterprise use of digital signatures to secure transactions. READ MORE »

February 16, 2004

Mass Mailings Scaled Back

Anuradha Raghunathan reports in the Dallas Morning News (subscription required) on cutbacks in mass mailing solicitations by credit card issuers. READ MORE »

PayPal Updates User Agreement

AuctionBytes reports that PayPal updated its User Agreement last Friday. See the 2/13/04 changes on PayPal's User Agreement page.


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