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February 14, 2004

Going to the Wedding? Bring Your Smart Card

Card Technology reports on the wedding of Subroto Roy's two sons today in India. Guests must bring the smart cards they received with the invitation. READ MORE »

February 13, 2004

PayPal Developer Network Weblog

The PayPal Developer Network has launched its own weblog. PayPal also launched a number of new features today including for German users.

Congratulations to the PayPal team in getting this weblog launched. As far as I can recall, this is the first weblog and use of syndicated data by a company in the financial services/payments space! And they did it using TypePad - which also powers Payments News - in a very cool way.

Datavantage Chooses Linux to Implement Stored Value Platform

Jan Stafford reports in on Datavantage's choice of Linux for implementing its new stored value system platform.

FBI on Trail of Email Fraud

Laura Sullivan writes in the Baltimore Sun about email fraud and law enforcement activities underway to try to deal with it. READ MORE »

February 12, 2004

Identity Theft Risks from Overseas Outsourcing

Antone Gonsalves reports in on the potentially negative side effects of overseas outsourcing of activities involving quantities of personal data. READ MORE »

AFP Meets with Federal Reserve

The Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) reports on a recent meeting with the Federal Reserve. READ MORE »

MasterCard Reminds Member Banks re: Illegal Activities

MasterCard has issued a press release reminding member banks not to process transactions on MasterCard cards associated with any illegal activity.

Fake Escrow Fraud

Ina Steiner reports on AuctionBytes on the latest gimmick being used by fraudulent sellers to fleece buyers. READ MORE »

Ecommerce Fraud Prevention

Laura Rush writes in about recent reports of increasing fraud impacting smaller e-tailers.

February 11, 2004

PayPal Europe Launches

PayPal Europe is ready to go -- along with a complete list of FAQ's.

Are Biometrics Ready For Takeoff at POS?

Digital Transactions reports on Pay by Touch's CEO Craig Ramsey's views of marketplace adoption of his company's biometric-based payment acceptance technology. READ MORE »

Getting Phished

Evan Williams reports on a phishing attack impersonating PayPal. John Robb shares his son's story. And yet another similar experience.

Meanwhile, Lexington Snitch columnist Michael Jackman shares his perspective.

Digital Transactions

Boland Hill Media has launched Digital Transactions, a magazine and associated online news site covering trends in the electronic exchange of value. Boland Hill Media was founded by Robert A. Jenisch and John D. Stewart, both of whom have long experience in the financial media.

Visual Spoofing

Don Park puts together a demo of what he calls "visual spoofing".

Employers Using More Pre-Paid Cards

The AP has a story this morning on employers using pre-paid cards for paychecks, cash bonuses, flexible spending accounts and other fixed allowances.

MasterCard Raises Credit Interchange Fee

The American Banker reports that MasterCard is raising credit card interchange fees effective beginning in April.

February 10, 2004

Mob Steals $200 Million Using Phone Bills

William Rushbaum reports in the New York Times on a New York organized crime attack that bilked consumers out of $200 million over five years by adding bogus charges to their phone bills. READ MORE »

US Govt Releases Guidelines for Smart Cards

William Jackson reports in Government Computer News about the Federal Identity and Credentialing Committee's guidelines for developing interoperable federal identification systems based on smart cards. The guidelines themselves (.DOC file) are available online.

Fortune: Plastic

Katrina Brooker provides a look back at how the credit card has changed life for the Fortune 500 and for the rest of us in the new issue of Fortune. READ MORE »

Beyond Bar Codes

Consumer Reports makes mention of RFID in a sidebar titled Beyond Bar Codes: New Ways to Track Products and People.

Regulating Internet Payment Intermediaries

Ronald J. Mann of the University of Texas Law School has published a paper looking at the legal and policy issues associated with the emergence of new Internet payment intermediaries. READ MORE »

February 09, 2004

Pulse Studies US vs. Canadian Debit Payment Systems

In a press release today, Pulse EFT Association released the results of a study it commissioned comparing the US debit payments system with that of Canada. READ MORE »

Identity Theft Victims Unaware for Sixteen Months

Creditman reports on data from Experian that indicates victims of identity theft in the UK aren't aware of the theft for an average of 16 months from the time the theft actually occurred.

Computerworld: Slow Uptake for Smart Cards

Jaikumar Vijayan reports in this week's Computerworld on difficulties facing the adoption of smart cards for enterprise authentication and security applications.


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