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September 02, 2004

KeyBank and JPMorgan Chase Exchange First Check Images

SVPCO has announced the official production launch of its Image Exchange Network following a two month trial period with KeyBank and JPMorgan Chase. READ MORE »

Fees for Online Bill Payment

MSN Money columnist Liz Pulliam Weston opines about online bill payment and why banks should make it available (as many are) for free.
Most of all, I like the security and the certainty of online bill payment. That may surprise consumers who have never used it, since those who still pay by check often say they’re concerned about security or glitches that could prevent their bills from being paid. But I’ve found online bill payment to be more secure and less glitch-prone than the U.S. mail.

September 01, 2004

American Express, CostCo Launch New Credit Cards

American Express and CostCo have announced the launch of two new co-branded credit cards - one targeting consumers, the second targeting businesses. The new "TrueEarnings" cards provide increased rewards for eating out and traveling.

Australia's Credit Card Reform

In a new Insight report, Edgar, Dunn & Company's Robert White examines the impact of Australia's recent credit card regulatory changes on that country's payments value chain.

Trading Privacy for Convenience

Ecommerce Times reports on the use of biometrics as part of the registered traveler program being piloted by the Transportation Security Administration.
The program offers the first wide application of iris-scanning technology, which had previously been used only for government employees with access to classified sites or for employees with access to nuclear facilities, said Paul Mirenda, director of field operations for LG Electronics, one of the TSA's contractors that makes the scanners.

FDC to Process Additional GE Private Label Accounts

First Data Corp. has announced that it will be handling more than nine million new private label accounts for GE Consumer Finance based upon GE winning new business with Dillard's and Mervyn's. FDC currently processes more than 170 million private label accounts. READ MORE »

August 31, 2004

PayPal's $2,000 Spending Limit

InfoWorld's Ed Foster reports on recent complaints from readers about PayPal's $2,000 spending limit.
How should an online financial services company treat its loyal and reliable customers? Well, it could refuse to have anything more to do with them unless they provide additional personal financial information to "verify" who they are. That seems to be PayPal's approach, anyway.

August 29, 2004

Fleecing Card Users

Boston Globe columnist Thomas Oliphant writes about the political activities of the personal finance industry.
Of all the business tycoons assembling for their favorite party's convention this week, none will get a warmer, perk-filled welcome than the personal finance crowd that has figured out how to imprison tens of millions of ordinary Americans with interest charges and other fees worthy of loan sharks.


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