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June 11, 2004

MasterCard's Tim Morris

CNET Asia interviews Tim Morris, MasterCard's Asia-Pacific vice president and regional head for security and risk management.

Reserve Bank of Australia May Expand Card Regulation

The Reserve Bank of Austrlia, which earlier has imposed its regulatory will on credit cards and the Visa debit payment scheme in Australia, has announced it is considering also regulating the EFTPOS and ATM's in Australia. The RBA has invited public comment on its proposal.

Reuters reports that the RBA may also be considering regulation of American Express' card payment system in Australia.

CIBC Ends American Express Co-Issuing Deal

Lavonne Kuykendall reports in the American Banker on the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's decision to discontinue its issuance of American Express cards. Cardholders are being offered CIBC Visa cards in exchange.

June 10, 2004

Latin America Remittance Study - The Remittance Marketplace

The Pew Hispanic Center has released a study of the costs (PDF) associated with sending money from the US to family members back home in Latin America. READ MORE »

June 09, 2004

The Future of Visa and MasterCard

Richard Mitchell writes in the latest issue of Credit Card Management on the future of Visa and MasterCard. READ MORE »

FDIC and Offshore Outsourcing Risks

Hannah Bergman reports in today's American Banker on a study released yesterday by the FDIC exploring the risks associated with outsourcing to third-party offshore vendors. The full study is available for download (PDF) from the FDIC web site.

June 08, 2004

Chase Brand Name to Survive Merger with Bank One

JP Morgan Chase and Bank One announced today that the post-merger company will go to market under the Chase brand in the consumer and commercial segments.

Identrus and Adobe Partner on Digital Signatures

Identrus and Adobe have announced a strategic partnership that combines Identrus digital signatures into Adobe PDF documents. Wells Fargo Bank will be the first bank to pilot the new Identrus/Adobe offering. READ MORE »

PayPal Introduces Buyer Credit

PayPal has introduced a Buyer Credit feature in partnership with GE Capital. An FAQ is available.

Australian Retailers React to Amex, Diners Fees

Tim Boreham reports in the The Australian on retailer reactions to the fees charged for card acceptance by American Express and Diner's Club. READ MORE »

Latest Glenbrook Flash Available

Glenbrook Partners has published the June edition of the Glenbrook Flash. Personal subscriptions are available via email.

Wells Fargo Makes Good on eBay

Information Week reports on Wells Fargo's success with Internet payments including its relationship with eBay/PayPal.
In addition to settling transactions, the system must comply with complex rules and regulations surrounding multicurrency transactions. "The gateway isn't just about technology, it's also about compliance," says Michelle Banaugh, Wells Fargo's senior VP of E-commerce.

Stockback Rewards Card

The Wall St. Journal reports on the launch of Stockback, a new card-based rewards program issued in partnership with MBNA by Atlanta-based Vesdia Corporation.

CyberSource Certifies to American Express Internet Standard

CyberSource has announced that it has certified its systems to a new enhanced Internet data specification, enabling its merchant customers to take advantage of new internet fraud screen capabilities provided by American Express. READ MORE »

June 07, 2004

Fighting Cyber-Crime

eWeek has a special report this week on fighting cyber-crime. Included is an article about plans by Identrus to issue institutional certificates designed to help fight cyber-crime.


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