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April 17, 2004

EarthLink Aims to Block Phishing

Pete Barlas reports in Monday's edition of Investors Business Daily on EarthLink's anti-phishing strategies.

April 16, 2004

Massive Rise in Phishing

Owen Bowcott reports in Saturday's Guardian (UK) on a sharp rise in phishing frauds as a result of the activities of gangs of fraudsters operating from Russia and eastern Europe. READ MORE »

Protecting Your Brand

Janet Roberts writes in Marketing Sherpa on how best to protect brands from phishing attacks.

April 15, 2004

NPC Reports Strong First Quarter Results

NPC reported its financial results this morning reporting revenue up 15% and earnings per share up 37% over the same period last year.

Bank of America Enhances Purchasing Card Management

Bank of America has introduced new capabilities for its corporate purchasing card customers.
A substantial breakthrough, Bank of America can now connect an enterprise's pre-approval workflows straight through to the card network, enabling purchasing cards to become the payment vehicle of choice in business- to-business transactions.

The new capability is enabled by technology from Works, Inc.

Charter One Introduces Charitable Giving Debit Card

Charter One has introduced the Make-A-Difference MasterCard, a debit card affinity program, supporting charitable giving to eight of the nation's leading child-related philanthropies.
"Charter One's commitment is to provide value for its customers and the communities it serves. The Make-A-Difference debit card does both by providing a free way for our customers to support some wonderful charities just by doing what they already do," said Mark Grossi, Charter One's executive vice president and head of retail banking. "Everyone has a bank account, but this is one that people can actually feel good about."

ATM Skimming

Frantisek Bouc reports in the Prague Post on ATM machine card skimming in the Czech Republic.

Card Skimmers

KCBD in Lubbock, TX, reports on credit card skimming.

April 14, 2004

TSYS Announces First Quarter Results

TSYS announced its first quarter financial results this afternoon along with a conference call to discuss them. TSYS also will be webcasting its annual shareholders' meeting tomorrow.

Interactive Nightmare?

Todd Datz discusses the US Department of Homeland Security's cybersecurity initiatives in the current issue of CSO Magazine.

Losing Confidence?

Jennifer Barrett reports in Newsweek Online about industry concerns that phishing attacks may cause consumers to lose confidence in doing business online.
"There’s real concern about financial losses, but what these companies are really concerned about is the erosion of their brand name and trust, and that people won’t use the Internet as a channel for commerce or customer service—especially if you’re an e-commerce vendor, and all your business is done online,” says the APWG’s Jevans.

Scared to Death

Matt Wickenheiser writes in about a talk that white collar crime expert and former scammer Frank Abignale gave recently on how easy identity theft fraud is to pull off.
It's even easier today than when he was a globe-trotting flimflam man 40 years ago, Abagnale said. "The fact is that what I did 40 years ago is 2,000 times easier to do today," he said.

eBay Incenting PayPal Usage

Ina Steiner reports on AuctionBytes about a new coupon program eBay is launching to incent payments using PayPal. eBay has provided an FAQ on the program.

Chip and PIN Cards and Spending

Nicky Burridge writes in The Scotsman about the migration to chip and PIN in the UK and the potential effect it might have on spending based upon MasterCard research.
Payments with debit cards look set to rise by more than a third following the introduction of new-style, more secure “plastic”, according to research today. Four out of 10 people said they would use their debit card more often once chip and PIN cards were launched, while nearly a third thought they would carry less cash, according to MasterCard.

The Times of London also covers the MasterCard report.

April 13, 2004

EarthLink Readies Anti-Phishing Tool

Dan Tynan reports in PC World on EarthLink's plans to introduce ScamBlocker, a free application designed to highlight whenever a user visits a known phishing site. READ MORE »

Dvorak on Phishing

John Dvorak writes in PC Magazine about phishing attacks. READ MORE »

Identity Thieves Troll the Internet

Sara Schaefer Munoz reports in this morning's Wall St. Journal on Internet phishing attacks (subscription required).
We've seen it explode from last year because it works," said David Jevans, chairman of the Anti-Phishing Working Group, a coalition of financial-services, software and Internet companies based in Redwood City, Calif., that works to alert consumers about e-mail scams.

The Battle Over Debit Cards

Jonathan Epstein reports in the Buffalo News about the battle between signature and PIN-based debit cards.
So, the bigger banks are using a carrot-and-stick approach to get consumers to see it their way. Many are imposing fees of 25 cents or 50 cents locally if you use your card with the PIN. You only get the airline miles and other rewards points now available with some cards at Citibank, KeyBank, and Charter One if you sign for purchases.

Citi Introduces Home Rebate MasterCard

Citibank has announced the Home Rebate MasterCard, a new credit card that provides rebates that can be applied against mortgage principal payments.
The Citi Home Rebate Card provides an effortless way to help homeowners pay off what is often their biggest financial commitment -- their mortgage -- simply by charging their regular, everyday purchases. But the reward is significant, as they build equity in their home faster, while shortening the length of their mortgage," said Gina Doynow, Senior Director, Citi.

HyperCom Introduces New POS Communications Service

HyperCom has announced a new POS communications service called HBNet. Sharon Cline has been announced as the general manager of the new business unit formed by HyperCom to pursue this opportunity.
"The acquiring market has long demanded an alternative to the services that are out there today, and we are responding to that demand with a reliable, powerful and effective solution that offers processors a fresh and highly competitive alternative for their dial POS merchant portfolios," said Sharon Cline. "This is a great step forward for the acquiring industry and Hypercom."

April 12, 2004

Stratus Rewards Launches

Stratus Rewards, an ultra-premium card based reward program, launched today in partnership with US Bank.

April 11, 2004

Gone Phishing Lately?

Jonathan Epstein reports on phishing in today's Buffalo News.
Consumers have long been victimized by Internet scams and fraud. But the newest scams are more dangerous because the perpetrators are getting more experienced at deception and marketing, experts say. Where early "phishing" e-mails were often poorly written and inconsistent, now they are carefully crafted and include logos, links and Web sites that mimic the real thing.

Think Like a Thief

John Eby reports on a talk given last week by Lee Goehring, loss prevention manager for 1st Source Bank, South Bend, Ind., at the Dowagiac Rotary Club.
If inhabiting the shadowy side streets and shady cul-de-sacs of the information superhighway teach Lee Goehring anything, it's this:

Think like a thief.

When Goehring thinks like a thief it's to thwart bad guys who favor phishing, skimmers and spyware -- not to commit crimes, because he's vice president and loss prevention manager for 1st Source Bank in South Bend, Ind.


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