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April 10, 2004

Identity Theft Hits Home

George Boardman writes in the Nevada County (CA) Union about a local resident's experience with identity theft.

Sam's Club to Stop Taking Credit Cards

Jeff Gelles reports in the Philadelphia Inquirer that Sam's Club, a division of Wal-Mart, has told its customers that it will stop accepting Visa and MasterCard credit cards effective April 21. It will continue to accept Visa debit cards. READ MORE »

April 08, 2004

Phishing Con Attacks Browser Bar

The BBC reports on a new phishing attack that spoofs a web browser's address bar to collect personal information.

UCLA Team Develops Biometric Authenticator

Harold Lee reports in UCLA's Daily Bruin on Thumbpod, a device that would use fingerprint biometrics to approve financial transactions.

April 07, 2004

BitPass Announces CEO

BitPass has announced Michael O'Donnell as CEO. O'Donnell was formerly CEO and President of Salon Media Group. Founding BitPass CEO Kurt Huang is becoming Chief Product Officer.

ING Direct Risk Management

ING recently held an Investor Relations Symposium that included a very interesting presentation by Bruno Bartkiewicz on ING Direct's risk management (PDF).

April 06, 2004

Push Payments

Jennifer Kingson takes a look at "credit push" payments in Wednesday's American Banker.

Opinion: Banks Should Abandon Marketing Emails

Jeremy Wagstaff comments on the actions that banks should be taking in the context of the wave of phishing attacks on their online customers.
Banks should, for example, immediately abandon all marketing campaigns that use email: They are an invitation for creative phishers to exploit.

Black Card Gets a Challenger

Ron Lieber reports in the Wall St. Journal on the launch of the new Stratus Rewards Visa card (subscription required).

Key Bank Renews with Star Systems

First Data Corp. announced this morning that Key Bank has renewed its agreement with Star System.
Under the terms of the long-term agreement, the STAR Network will continue to provide PIN-secured debit access at retailers and ATMs, and ATM and signature debit card processing for KeyBank's 2,200 ATMs and 4.6 million credit and debit cards.

Use of SMS to Counter Phishing

Jonathan Tuliani writes about stronger authentication techniques to thwart phishing attacks including the use of "out of band" SMS communication.

Computer Users Beware

Brian Walker reports in the Hardin, Kentucky News-Enterprise on phishing attacks.

Al Tompkins also reports on phishing in his column for journalists in Poynter Online.

April 05, 2004

Visa International Reports 2003 Sales Growth

Visa International has announced that its global sales volume reached US$2.9 trillion for the twelve months ending 31 December 2003, a 10% increase over the same period a year earlier. Sales volume for the quarter ending 31 December 2003 was US$810 billion.

American Express Seeks Bank Friends

Ellen Kelleher and David Wighton report in the Financial Times about American Express' efforts to strike partnership deals with banks.

SimPay Select Encorus for Mobile Payments Service

Encorus, majority owned by First Data Corp., announced today that it has been selected by SimPay to be its transaction processor for mobile payments. Commercial launch of SimPay's service is scheduled for the first quarter of 2005. READ MORE »

April 04, 2004

Over the Phone Fraud

David Ryan reports in the Napa Valley Register on over the phone bank fraud.


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