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March 06, 2004


Lowell Bergman and Patrick McGeehan report in tomorrow's New York Times about the departure late last year of long-time MBNA Chairman and CEO Charlie Cawley.

Chameleon Card

Mark Baard reports in Wired News on the Chameleon Card from Chameleon Networks. More discussion of Chameleon is happening on Slashdot.

March 05, 2004

New Papers

The Payment Cards Center of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has two new papers available online. The first is a bibliography of consumer payments -- to be updated quarterly. The second is a paper titled Prepaid Card Markets & Regulation by Mark Furletti. Both papers are in PDF format.

Paper or Plastic?

Judy Sarles reports in the Nashville Business Journal on retailer use of electronic gift cards.

Credit Card Issuers Try New Approach

Anuradha Raghunathan reports on changes in card issuer strategies.
In an industry that tends to move in concert, companies have begun to realize that blanketing consumers with mass mailings may no longer be the key to building market share.

March 04, 2004

MasterCard Files 10-K

MasterCard filed its 10-K for 2003 with the SEC today. It reported an operating loss of just over US$600 MM on revenues of US$2.3 B, a 17.9% growth in revenue over 2002.

P.T. Barnum and Cyberspace?

Edward Baig reports in USA Today on e-hoaxes.
P.T. Barnum would have had a field day in cyberspace. How else to explain the circus surrounding e-mail scams?

March 03, 2004

American Express Withdrawing Private Payments

Just came across this page on the American Express web site announcing that Amex's Private Payments offering is being eliminated April 15, 2004.

For PassMark, Image Is Everything

Daniel Wolfe reports in the American Banker on phishing attacks and the approach being taken by PassMark Security to help institutions stop phishing and spoofing attacks on their customers.

Target to Phase Out 'Smart' Visa Cards

Computerworld reports on yesterday's announcement by Target that it is dropping its use of smart cards on its Target Visa cards.

Visa USA Reports Interlink PIN Debit Growth

Visa USA has announced that its Interlink PIN debit network saw a 43 percent rise in dollar volume and a 39 percent increase in the number of POS transactions for the month of January 2004 compared to January 2003. READ MORE »

GSA Publishes Updated Smart Card Handbook

Jason Miller reports in Government Computer News about a new edition of the General Services Administration's Government Smart Card Handbook. READ MORE »

Holding Your Credit Cards Close

Elise Ackerman reports in the San Jose Mercury News on Vivotech and its contactless payment solution.

Malaysian Multiband RFID Chip

Raslan Sharif reports from Kuala Lumpur on the Malaysia Microchip project and its multiband RFID chip technology. READ MORE »

Most Devious Phishing Scam Ever

Andrew Colley reports from Australia on a recent phishing attack targeting customers of Westpac.

March 02, 2004

MasterCard Reports 2003 Results

MasterCard has announced its 2003 results, reporting sales volume reaching US$1.27 trillion for the year. READ MORE »

Visa International Names Rodrigues CEO

Visa International has announced the appointment of Christopher J. Rodrigues as President and Chief Executive Officer effective June 1. Rodrigues is currently the Group Chief Executive of Bradford & Bingley, a UK-based financial services organization. READ MORE »

March 01, 2004

Target Cancels Chip Card Program

Catuity has announced that it has received notice from Target Corporation that Target is phasing out its use of smart card technology over the next twelve months. READ MORE »

Germany's Metro Group Nixes RFID Card Plan is reporting that Germany's Metro Group has cancelled plans for an RFID-based card for customers -- moving back to bar code technology because of consumer privacy concerns. More on this story in this InfoWorld report

Lightbridge Acquires InfoSpace's

InfoSpace announced this morning the sale of its payment gateway business unit to Lightbridge. READ MORE »

Visa USA Extends Auto Rental Insurance

Visa USA has announced it is extending auto rental insurance to all Visa consumer credit cards. READ MORE »

Experian Releases Study on Credit Card Usage

Experian has released the results of a nationwide study on credit card usage.


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