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August 29, 2003

Visa POS Check Service

Lin Fellerman writes in the Green Sheet about Visa's POS Check Service.

August 28, 2003

US Bank slashes debit card reward

Kathy Chu reports on US Bank's move to pare back its offline Visa debit card reward program.
Pat Wesner, an executive vice president at U.S. Bank, the nation's fifth-largest Visa debit issuer, said the reason for the move is twofold. The shift in the "underlying revenue opportunity" to the bank as a result of the recent settlement between credit-card companies and merchants is partly driving this, she said. Increased costs related to "tracking and monitoring" customers who switch among the bank's four debit-rewards programs are also a factor, she said.

Wachovia selects Visa USA and NYCE

Wachovia announced today that it has selected Visa DPS to handle its offline debit card processing and NYCE to handle its ATM volume.
"Customer convenience and shareholder value were the main criteria in making our network decisions," McGee said. "We believe the choice of Visa, Interlink and NYCE will help Wachovia develop an integrated strategy for ATM and debit transactions that, over time, will result in a win-win-win for customers, merchants and our company."

Effective management of payments

Edgar Dunn's Bob White and Nick Kennett discuss the global trends in payments and how they might affect a financial institution's strategies for managing payments.


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