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July 23, 2003

Business Week: Why biometrics is no magic bullet

Business Week reports on biometrics.
o doubt, biometrics will spread as more corporations use the technology to control access to key facilities and as government bodies such as the Federal Aviation Administration and the Pentagon do the same. But don't expect to see fingerprint readers on car doors or facial-recognition kiosks for admitting hospital patients anytime soon. For the most part, biometrics appears to be a technology whose time has not yet come.

Learning more about PayPal

PayPal recently held a two day Developers Conference in San Francisco. Slides, video and audio recordings of the sessions at the conference are now available online. My partner "Russ Jones" comments:
I absolutely love this! The page contains *everything* presented at the recent PayPal Developer's Conference -- PowerPoint slides, streaming videos, streaming audio, and manuals. This perfectly captures the essence of the new service platforms and underscores the effort that companies like PayPal are expending to establish themselves as dominant platforms in the industry.
Russ is right on (of course!). Companies that envision themselves as platforms have to evangelize very effectively. It's not about constructing moats around castles, it's about throwing great parties and inviting the brightest you can find! Launches Online Check Acceptance

Last week launched acceptance of checks as payments for online purchases using Certegy Check Services. READ MORE »

Over 8 million settlement notices mailed to US merchants

Constantine & Partners, the law firm acting as lead counsel for merchants in the Visa Check Card / MasterCard MasterMoney antitrust litigation, announced this morning that over 8 million notices of settlement have been mailed to US merchants.
The mailing list was developed from merchant data provided by Visa, MasterCard and the 80 largest merchant acquirers/processors, as augmented with the names of potential class members who registered with the Administrator since Notice of Pendency was given in September and October of 2002. Class notice also will appear in major national publications and merchant trade press through August 4, 2003, and is posted on the case website

July 21, 2003

Visa launches Verified by Visa in China

Visa Asia Pacific announced this morning that it has launched the Verified by Visa service in China.

Gartner: Identity theft up 80 per cent

In a press release this morning, Gartner reports that it estimates 7 million US adults were victims of identity theft in the 12 month period ending June 2003, a 79 per cent increase over results from a survey of consumers conducted in February 2002.

Visa announces new smart card

Visa International has announced the launch of a new smart card costing US$1.98.
The new card -- called the GP-Entry card -- conforms to the GlobalPlatform specifications and has 8K of EEPROM memory and a Visa payment application that supports major authentication technologies, such as Static Data Authentication (SDA) and Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA). It is specifically designed for Visa member banks looking to implement a GlobalPlatform card with basic functionality. There are currently nine card products in the program supporting DES and PK security with a variety of ROM and EEPROM memory sizes. Prices range from $1.98 for a GlobalPlatform card supporting DDA with 8K of EEPROM to $3.47 for a GlobalPlatform dual interface card also supporting DDA with 16K of EEPROM. The program also includes a static/native card priced at less than a dollar. All prices are based on white plastic cost and include the Visa Smart Debit/Credit (VSDC) application in ROM.


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