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May 09, 2003

First Data Corp. Payment Services presentation

FDC held an investor day recently and the presentation slides are available online at the SEC's Edgar site.

May 08, 2003

PayPal growth continues

One of my partners is attending the PayPal Developers Conference today and tomorrow. He's provided us an update on the first day of the conference -- including reporting some pretty amazing PayPal growth numbers: 28 million PayPal members signed up, growing at 45,000 new members EVERY DAY.

RF-based Contactless Payment White Paper

Vivotech has made available a white paper describing RF-based contactless payment technologies.

Credit card micropayments

Some commentary from Jonathan Rentzsch on Apple's new iTunes Music Store and their handling of the credit card transactions. Be sure to see the updates at the end of the posting.

May 07, 2003

Wal-Mart earnings may be boosted by card settlement

Greg Wiles reports on Bloomberg about the positive financial impact the recent debit card settlement may have on retailers.

Innovation in Financial Services and Payments

I just stumbled across a paper on Innovation in Financial Services and Payments from a conference at the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank last May. It contains some interesting perspectives -- including the relatively greater importance of network effects to this industry as compared, say, to manufacturing.

May 05, 2003

The people behind self-checkout

Andrew Ratner writes in Maryland's SunSpot.Net about David Humble, the investor of self-service checkout.
David R. Humble was waiting in a grocery checkout line in a Florida supermarket 19 years ago when a moment struck him that may change the face of shopping. A customer ahead of him was so agitated by the cashier's inattention, he grabbed one of his items and swiped it over the scanner himself. The cashier got the message, Humble got a thought. Why not allow a customer to always do that? "It was so simple," he said. He returned to his job at a manufacturer of electronic security tags for clothing, toyed with prototypes and eventually formed CheckRobot Inc.


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