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April 18, 2003

Business Week: First Data and Concord: A power marriage

Olga Kharif reports on FDC's plan to merge with Concord EFS.
Here's what makes the proposition so potentially attractive: Most debit- and credit-card transactions today can be completed only by using Visa and MasterCard networks, regardless of what type or brand of credit, bank, charge, or debit card is used. First Data and Concord might be able to authenticate a credit card at a store, for example, or verify that the purchaser has sufficient funds in his account to make a purchase, but they often need Visa's help to get the money transferred from the customer's bank account into the merchant's. But Concord's national client base of some 6,500 banks and the companies' combined nationwide network through which to route transactions could give First Data the ability to accept and issue debit and credit cards, and complete nearly all transactions without help from Visa or MasterCard.

April 17, 2003

Visa USA holds conference call on Wal-Mart litigation

Visa USA General Counsel Paul Allen held a Conference Call yesterday to discuss the Wal-Mart litigation which is scheduled to begin trial later this month.

April 15, 2003

New York Times: Using software, not devices, to fight piracy

John Markoff reports on Cryptography Research's recent paper recommending a software approach to fighting digital piracy.
Cryptography Research's proposal would shift the location of copy-protection code from the consumer products that play music and movies and run software to the content files produced by entertainment companies and software developers.

April 13, 2003

Denver Post: First Data pursues Concord cautiously

Aldo Svaldi reports on First Data's approach to merging with Concord EFS.
First Data has followed a more sober approach to buyouts ever since struggling through the 1995 merger with Atlanta-based First Financial Management Corp., the parent of Western Union. "We stopped reading our own press clippings and decided we weren't the best operating company," Fote told a Denver audience at the Rocky Mountain Corporate Growth Conference on Thursday.


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