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September 13, 2002

360Commerce: Java, Linux at the point of sale (POS)

Where is innovation happening at the retail point of sale? If you were deploying thousands of POS locations, what platform and POS software would you select? 360Commerce has POS applications written in Java -- and they run on your choice of platforms including Linux. Apple is using 360Commerce on Mac's in its Apple Stores. Others are using 360Commerce on Linux in their stores. Makes sense, doesn't it? Ultra low platform cost, commodity hardware, cheap to deploy by the hundreds (or thousands), and rich functionality. Why bother with Microsoft and Windows? Might airline checkin/gate terminals be next up for Linux deployments? How about major call centers? How about bank branches and those platform systems? Why spend the money to deploy Windows in those environments when Linux running on commodity hardware more than meets the requirements?

Element: Secure Payment Award

Element, an epayments company based in Belgium, is holding its Secure Payment Awards later this month.

Concord EFS: Bond Isaacson joins

Concord EFS has announced that Bond Isaacson has joined the company as an executive vice president.
Isaacson will be responsible for designing innovative payments products for the nation‚s largest financial institutions, associations, and retailers. His focus will be on creating new revenue opportunities for clients by applying Concord connectivity and technology to untapped payment categories, such as small value and recurring payments.

September 11, 2002

Los Angeles Times: PayPal sued by First USA Bank over patent infringement

David Coulker writes that PayPal has been sued by First USA Bank, a subsidiary of Bank One, for patent infringement.

FDIC: Progress in the financial war on terrorism

On the anniversay of September 11th, the FDIC updates progress on the financial war on terrorism.

September 09, 2002

Guardian: Phone banking takes on new meaning

An article about using your ATM card at an ATM to add additional minutes to your cell phone's pre-paid stored value account.

SkyNews: UK banking transformed by the Internet

A brief article on new research being presented today by Professor Feng Li of Newcastle University at a conference in London.

September 08, 2002 900Pay - No credit card, no problem

An article about 900Pay, a new service being used by several online casinos that funds from 900 numbers.


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