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July 06, 2002

NY Times: Toll booth technology meets the checkout lane

Sunday business section article that discusses EZpass, SpeedPass, etc.

NY Times: New card fees in effect abroad

A report on the fees that have been added by many card issuers for foreign currency transactions.
Despite these fees, paying with a credit card is still typically a better option for travelers making purchases abroad than using traveler's checks or exchanging cash. In some cases, withdrawing cash in the local currency from an A.T.M. might provide a slight savings, but it depends on the fees charged by your bank and the local bank ˜ and carrying a lot of cash has its own drawbacks.

NY Times: Mexican consular ID card

A report on the increasing use of the Mexican consular ID card for banking.

July 05, 2002

UK Home Office: Entitlement Cards

The UK Home Office is considering issuing 'entitlement cards'. This page links to two PDF files on their work including studies on identity fraud.

July 03, 2002

WSJ: EU Privacy Police continue to probe Microsoft Passport

Representatives of national privacy authorities said that a number of elements of the U.S. software company's service, designed to make it easier for people to shop online, "raise legal issues and therefore require further consideration." But the probe isn't a formal investigation, the privacy police said, describing it rather as "a dialogue" with the company and others developing similar products.
Here's the Reuters version of the story.

July 02, 2002

Ecademy: BT is trialing a "Click and Buy" payment service

BT Retail is to begin trialling a system for making small payments online that could be attractive to thousands of Web sites, at a time when Internet companies are pinching pennies. The system, which has already proven a success in Germany, could also make it easier for users to make small, one-off purchases, such as archived print articles or other premium content.


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