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June 17, 2002

American Banker: Hong Kong action may harm PayPal

AB reports that PayPal has disclosed that it is under investigation by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

June 16, 2002

IFX 1.3 Specification is published

The latest update to the Interactive Financial Exchange (IFX) specification has been published.

Washington Post: Choosing the right plastic for your payments

An article by Albert Crenshaw in his Washington Post "Cash Flow" column talking about credit vs. debit cards, etc.

Barrons: Hypercom could double or even triple

Barrons this week reports on Art Samberg and Neal Goldman's recommendations of Hypercom.
But the prime driver of growth, Neal insists, will be card-processors and merchants upgrading their old POS systems because of compelling economic reasons. Hypercom's new ICE systems with signature verification, for instance, greatly reduce fraud. These systems have slugs of memory, so that customers with "loyalty" programs, such as supermarkets and drug chains, can not only process payments but can also keep track of members' purchases and points or discounts. And the machines can electronically record receipts, so merchants needn't store thousands of paper receipts to protect themselves from chargebacks. (If a charge is disputed and the merchant can't produce a receipt, he must absorb the entire cost of the purchase.)


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