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May 12, 2002

New York Times: Security vulnerability discovered in smart cards

John Markoff reports on a new cracking of smart cards.

New York Times: Credit card theft thrives online

Matt Richtel reports on how easily stolen credit card numbers are shared over the Internet.
Mr. Power, from the Computer Security Institute, said: "You don't want to be an alarmist and say, `The sky is falling, and Visa is going to crumble.' But the financial losses involved in this kind of theft are underestimated, underreported and underacknowledged," estimating the worldwide cost is in the "double-digit billions." "There's a lot more hemorrhaging going on than some people believe," he said.

May 08, 2002

E-Payment in China

An interesting presentation about electronic payments in China by Spencer Loh, CEO of Shanghai Huateng Software Systems Co., Ltd.

O'Reilly: Privacy and XML

An excellent summary of all the buzzword acronyms related to XML formats, etc.

May 07, 2002

Digital ID World: Eric Norlin interviews Microsoft's Charles Fitzgerald

An interesting interview with insights re: Passport, .NET, etc.

May 04, 2002 Tag It

A story about RFID tags and the Auto-ID Center at MIT.

May 03, 2002

CNET: Dark side of cyberlife

"If banks expose their financial services as Web services, it means the entire chain has to be secure all the way from the client to the registry to the back end," said Ravi Balakrishnan, who represented a Fortune 100 technology company in several organizations dealing with Web service standards organizations. "How can a bank trust a Web service is not creating a weak link into its systems at any point along the way?"

May 02, 2002

Card Management: Two takes on interchange

"While Visa is rumored to be considering increasing its interchange rates later this year, its decision not to move in lockstep with MasterCard has led to speculation that it is waiting to gauge merchant reaction to MasterCard‚s new rate sheet."

MSNBC: Best Buy closes wireless registers

"An anonymous security researcher announced on a computer security research mailing list Wednesday that several U.S. retailers have made the mistake of installing wireless cash registers and transmitting the traffic in clear text, without encryption. By sitting in the parking lot, the researcher said, he could „listen in‰ on credit card numbers being beamed around the store."

Digital ID World: Why identity now?

"Why identity now? Because a recession has led to true innovation."

May 01, 2002

CNET: Lawmakers want biometrics for state ID's

"A bill introduced in the House of Representatives on Wednesday would require states to include biometric features such as retinal scans or fingerprints on encrypted microchips in driver's licenses and state-issued ID cards."

Tower Group: P2P Providers Are Expanding in Unexpected Ways

New research from TowerGroup finds that volume figures for person-to-person payments still lag far behind the heady predictions that heralded P2P's birth in the late '90s. While actual transactions between individuals will continue to grow gradually, the greatest opportunity for P2P providers-and most significant threat to the payment franchises of established financial institutions-is the ability of the P2P infrastructure to adapt to other types of markets such as business or government.

.Net Magazine: Accelerating electronic payment processing

Article about Concord EFS' use of .Net and web services.

Boston Globe: Surge in bank robberies

Folks in Boston are puzzled by a recent surge in bank robberies.

CNET: Anatomy of a hacking

"Nearly every bank in the United States runs its operations on an internal network that connects to the Internet at some point. Although the banking industry claims that its security is virtually foolproof, others say that any technology can be penetrated under the right circumstances."


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